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About GarnisheeOrder

Employee X, gets into financial difficulty and is unable to settle his debts, for whatever the reason. After numerous attempts by creditors to collect outstanding payments, their account is then referred to a debt collector.

Debt collector then gets a court order forcing/instructing the employer to deduct outstanding monies from their salary…giving the debt collector unlimited access to the employee’s salary.

Now employee X gets his salary less all the monies taken by debt collector on behalf of the creditor. Debt collector now has the liberty to inflate the fees hidden as interest, admin fees and god know what. Debt collector smiles all the way to the bank, while employee X starves with his family because salary cannot sustain him any longer.

Employee X does not have the resources to challenge debt collector in court about unauthorised charges and suffers in silence or gets himself into further debt while trying to make ends meet.

  • Now comes GarnisheeOrder.co.za to the rescue of employee X and audit this garnishee order file.
  • GarnisheeOrder.co.za finds out that employee X has actually been exploited and charged for many unneccassry fees.
  • GarnisheeOrder.co.za challenges debt collector all the unauthorised charges by and employee X gets all his money back.
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